About Us

We are Penguin, a team of image lovers with over 10 years of experience
in photography and video.


We are inspired artists who believe in images that convey meaning and feeling. Whether they are frozen in time or animated with the rhythms of life, our images mark, feed and give birth
to passion. This is our vision – emotions in motion.


We are experienced technicians who thrive on the challenges that each project brings.
For us, the question is not how far we are willing to go to capture the perfect image, but how far we are asked to go to capture it. That’s our way of doing things; the most beautiful achievements are born of collaboration.


So, ask us to capture images at -25 degrees Celsius on a frozen lake or to get up at 4 am to film at dawn, because every work day for us is a day in which we can express our passion.


Commercial Photographer & Director

Audric Gagnon


Administration & Production

Anne-Marie Sauvageau


Communications & Marketing

Émilie Rossignol

Advisory Board Member

Business Advisor

Sébastien Hémond

Advisory Board Member


We are ready for new challenges!