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PENGUIN welcomes in its studio Justin Dubé-Fahmy that made career in industrial design because that field was bringing together the rigor of engineering and his love of creativity and for his partners. Since then, he built professional relationships with clients, partners and suppliers, with the same desire of having shared values, complementary needs and distinctive strengths. He founded Rumker in 2006 without any business plan but with trustful partners. With his designs, he’s constantly developing mainly regarding the mission, values, structure and long-term impact of businesses he works with. Rumker has a deeply rooted human side that proves that a company can take risks, learn from its mistakes and build with employees that are valued and appreciated not only for their performance. In 2019, Rumker will create a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and will make all the little gestures to assume its ecology responsibility, to adopt a responsible management style and to share eco-friendly communications with its partners.

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